How To Broadcast

How To Get Started In Sports Broadcasting

Whether you become as famous as a major network sports broadcaster, or just known locally as the person who does the play by play for the area high school depends on a lot of factors. Those factors includes education, talent and desire. While we can’t promise you fame and fortune, Audio Sports Online can offer you the opportunity to broadcast on the internet at an affordable rate, and possibly earn an income in the process.

Many of our clients broadcast their local high school or college sporting events using just a cell phone. Some have microphones plugged into a mixer, as well as an mp3 player for pre-recorded commercials, then line that out to a simple cell phone, or land line phone available in the gym or pressbox. It’s that simple!

Video broadcasting, while costing a bit more for equipment, is also affordable and adds a dramatic effect to your broadcast. For video, a simple home video camera will suffice, along with a microphone and laptop computer (with internet connection at your location – many gyms and pressboxes are now equipped with dsl internet). This allows your viewers to not only listen to your play by play, but watch the live video as well!

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How to earn income from local broadcasting

For a simple plan of attack, choose a local high school or small to mid-level college sports program that currently does not have local radio exposure. Be sure to choose an area with enough retail or business activity to potentially support your venture. Once you have a broadcast schedule in place, begin calling on local businesses for sponsorship.

How much to charge? Depends on your expenses. A typical Audio broadcast setup is best served with a microphone, mixer, headphones, a telephone (or your cell phone), and an MP3 player if you wish to have pre-produced commercials. For a live broadcast, you will plug your mixer into your land-line telephone, or a cell phone (take minutes into consideration) on location to send your audio to our server. If you have internet connection you can also connect direct to our server for an even better sound. Those are your only expenses, other than per game streaming costs (often less than $20 per broadcast).

– Have an idea for a talk show?

Whether you are already doing a daily or weekly talk show at a terrestrial radio station, or whether you want to create a brand new show that you can host from your home telephone while sitting at your computer or kitchen table, you can get your show on the internet with very little expense.

– Airing of Pre-Recorded Show

The first option is if you already air the show on a radio station, or you have a recorded program that you want to air at a specific time, we provide you with the option of connecting directly to our server from your computer to send the audio, or with the option of connecting to our server via a land or cell telephone.

– Airing of a Live Talk Show

This option is for you if you want to broadcast a live show AND take listener phone calls. You connect with us directly via your telephone, or internet connection. Once connected, you begin your broadcast, and we can easily instruct you on how to do a solo broadcast, or take phone calls, all from the comfort of your studio (or kitchen table!).

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There are limitless possibilities for broadcasting using the low-cost, high-quality services of Audio Sports Online. No sporting event is off-limits as long as there are potential viewers (team, players, parents, fans) and a small group of potential sponsors.

Volleyball, rugby, lacrosse, track, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics … a sample list of possible live broadcast events that typically receive no coverage even from local papers.

Parents love to be able to watch their local schools’ and kids in action on the internet. Your advantage over local radio is that your coverage area is far greater, reception is fantastic no matter what time of day, and archiving ensures that the sponsor’s commercial is heard again and again.

Please feel free to contact Audio Sports Online if you would like more information on how others have made a good living, and even part-time income broadcasting sporting events on the internet.