Live Audio Streaming

Live Audio Streaming

Audio Sports Online offers you the ability to broadcast your live game, event, or show with a simple telephone connection, for as little as $20 per broadcast – depending on number of broadcasts paid for. We offer several options for connecting to our worldwide streaming audio, including cell phone and landline telephone, as well as direct-connect from your computer  (if internet connection is available onsite.)

You DO NOT need internet connection, or a computer to broadcast your games or shows on Audio Sports Online. A simple mixer, microphone and telephone or cell phone is all you need. You can even do a broadcast by simply talking directly into your telephone or cell phone if necessary.

Audio Sports Online offers free archiving of all live audio and video events for access anytime by teams, families and fans. The archived Podcasts are available free to the viewer. Please contact us if you have further questions, or refer to our Audio FAQ section below. Live Audio streaming rates are as low as $20 per broadcast (rates based on quantity of broadcasts.)

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How do users connect to the broadcasts?

All clients are offered the use of a free “broadcast page” on Audio Sports Online where you can send your fans to listen to your broadcasts with the use of Windows Media Player in their computer. From that page, listeners can listen live to your event, or access all archived events. We provide listener support via email for all broadcasts and archived events.

Can listeners access my broadcast with a cell phone or tablet?

Absolutely! Whether you stream audio or video with Audio Sports Online, listeners and viewers can access all streams using desktop computers, or any Apple or Android-based mobile device. These include iPhone and iPad owners as well.

How is the sound quality?

Compared to most other sports broadcast streaming services, our 32kbps Live Broadcasts, and Archived Podcasts offer superior sound quality. Most other services use as low as 8-16kbps live streaming and most do not even offer free broadcast archiving. We use a standard telephone number to connect to the broadcaster, or if internet access is available, broadcasters or radio stations can connect directly to our server via the internet for even better quality.

How many listeners can tune in to the webcasts?

Audio Sports Online offers UNLIMITED end user availability. No listener will be left behind. You cannot top out our streams.

Can I broadcast two events happening at the same time?

Yes, however a fee will apply for simultaneous broadcasts. We ask that you give us advance notice so that we can provide you with a secondary dial-in number.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Rates vary depending on number of games contracted for broadcast. Discounts apply for multiple or long-term agreements. All audio packages include free archiving of broadcast for up to one-year.

What equipment do I need?

A live broadcast can start with as little as a standard or cellular telephone. However, for a typical sports event broadcast, a setup consisting of a mixer, microphone, headphones would present a much more professional approach, as well as more controlled audio results. Audio Sports Online can help you put together a durable, travel-ready broadcast kit, compatible with both land-line and cell telephones, for as low as $100 or less, depending on the broadcast quality you seek.

Are listeners charged to listen?

It’s always best to offer your broadcasts free of charge to the end users – your fans and listeners. You can charge per game, or offer a season pass. However, most fans can be put off by having to pay to listen to a broadcast. We suggest finding a sponsor or underwriter to cover the minimal broadcast costs. Many aggressive individuals and internet-only broadcast companies take advantage of the archiving and live audio/video broadcast combos to not only cover costs, but make a nice profit as well. Depending on the broadcast rights agreement you have with the team or organization, CD or DVD copies of archived games can be offered for sale from your site, or from the Audio Sports Online site. Audio Sports Online can assist in any step of the selling process, from the collection of payment, to the dubbing/production of the event, to the packaging and shipping of the order. There are no upfront setup fees for offering CD or DVD purchases from your “broadcast page” on Audio Sports Online and are only charged a determined fee per disc ordered. A great way to supplement broadcast costs and make a profit as well.

Can I include my advertisements during the broadcasts?

The broadcast belongs to you. That means you can run as many advertising spots as you wish. You can offer your sponsors commercials during your broadcast, or even on the most basic of broadcasts without the aid of an MP3 or CD player, offer live reads during timeouts, halftime, deadballs, etc. Use a sale pitch to your sponsors that a live read is valuable because listeners are “tuned in” to the game and are paying attention to the broadcast, as opposed to a commercial break when attention may wander.

Can I simulcast my radio broadcasts over the Internet?

The owners and staff at Audio Sports Online all have terrestrial radio experience, and some of our staff is still currently employed in the radio industry – we know how the technology works and how to make a connection in many various ways to your radio station. Usually, all that is involved is a simply telephone connection directly to your station. If not, we can find other ways to make it happen so you are only making one connection from your live broadcast location. As long as the radio station has an available phone line that can be patched into the live, on-air feed, Audio Sports Online can transmit the audio over the web. Many of our clients are also on terrestrial radio, so we’re very experienced at working with radio stations.