Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Audio Sports Online offers you the ability to Webcast your live game, event, or show video with a DSL or Broadband Internet connection on site. A video camera, video-capturing software, onsite Internet connection and free encoding software provided by Audio Sports Online is all you need to broadcast your video to the world!


If Internet connection is not available onsite, tape-delayed broadcasts are the next best thing! Simply record the video onto VHS, or for best results, directly on a DVD, and Audio Sports Online will post the video the day we receive it! A great way to provide video of the Friday night high school football game for all the community to watch on Monday! Or any day you designate. A great way to earn extra income from your audio broadcasts.

Go HERE for a custom Live Video rate-quote, as low as $150 per month unlimited!

Audio Sports Online offers free archiving of all live audio and video events for access anytime by teams, families and fans. The archived Webcasts are available free to the viewer. Please contact us if you have further questions, or refer to our Video FAQ section below.

What kind of technical support does Audio Sports Online provide?

Audio Sports Online works with you to provide the best broadcast possible. We provide unlimited phone and e-mail support, before and during the event. Some video streaming companies only give clients an IP address to connect to, with no monitoring on the other end. It’s up to you to have friends listen and tell you if your levels are accurate, or if you’re even on the air! At Audio Sports Online, once you connect to our video server through our free and easy-to-use software, one of our trained techs will talk to you personally to adjust any audio or video issues for a perfect webcast every time.

How do users connect to the broadcasts?

All clients are offered the use of a free “broadcast page” on Audio Sports Online where you can send your fans to view your broadcasts. From that page, viewers can watch the event live, or access all archived events. We provide viewer support via email for all broadcasts and archived events.

Can listeners access my broadcast with a cell phone or tablet?

Absolutely! Whether you stream audio or video with Audio Sports Online, listeners and viewers can access all streams using desktop computers, or any Apple or Android-based mobile device. These include iPhone and iPad owners as well.

How is the broadcast quality?

Broadcast quality often depends on the quality camera you use on your end. Audio Sports Online uses 350bit streaming media for live video, offering you and your viewers the best quality video available for sports broadcasting on the net.

How many viewers can tune in to the webcasts?

Audio Sports Online offers unlimited end user availability. You cannot top out our streams.

Can we broadcast two events happening at the same time?

Yes! We have several secondary systems that we can utilize for simultaneous broadcasts. We just ask that you give us advance notice so that we can provide you with a secondary upload stream.

What equipment do we need?

You will need a live internet high speed connection onsite with your computer. You will also need one camera. You will need a video capture card and an audio card in your computer to prepare your video for the Internet. Most computers have audio cards. A video capture card can be purchased online or at most computer stores. We can help if you need guidance for that purchase. The average cost for video capture card and software starts at $39 and up.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Rates vary depending on number of games contracted for broadcast. A minimum agreement is a 10-game schedule. Discounts apply for multiple or long-term agreements. All audio packages include free archiving of broadcast for up to one-year.

Are viewers charged to watch?

It’s always best to offer your broadcasts free of charge to the end users – your fans and listeners. You can charge per game, or offer a season pass. However, most fans can be put off by having to pay to listen to a broadcast. We suggest finding a sponsor or underwriter to cover the minimal broadcast costs. Many aggressive individuals and internet-only broadcast companies take advantage of the archiving and live audio/video broadcast combos to not only cover costs, but make a nice profit as well. Depending on the broadcast rights agreement you have with the team or organization, DVD copies of archived games can be offered for sale from your site, or from the Audio Sports Online site. Audio Sports Online can assist in any step of the selling process, from the collection of payment, to the dubbing/production of the event, to the packaging and shipping of the order. There are no upfront setup fees for offering CD or DVD purchases from your “broadcast page” on Audio Sports Online and are only charged a determined fee per disc ordered. A great way to supplement broadcast costs and make a profit as well.

Can we include our advertisements during the broadcasts?

Yes. You can either play an audio recording or live read during dead balls or timeouts. It’s acceptable for your camera to either pull back with a wide shot of the court or field during timeouts, while ad copy is inserted. Or, to add more fan interest in your video broadcast, it’s a great feature to “pan” the crowd so they will want to watch the video archive to see themselves in the stands. Be careful however not to be too aggressive with the camera movement, you want to prevent “motion sickness” while your fans watch.

Can I convert existing VHS video to web video?

Yes. Archived video is an excellent option to live video. Players, families, fans and coaches at the game cannot watch live. If internet connection is not available at the game site, you can record the game straight to a VHS or other video format, then offer the broadcast on a “tape-delayed” basis. You can deliver the tape to us to be posted (for a nominal fee) or you can connect your VCR to the video capture card in your computer, and upload the file yourself. Contact us for details on software and computer requirements. The bottom line is we understand you may be required to do this on a strict budget, we can help you cut costs, without cutting quality corners.